Los Motions, northern California. –My priorities in life is hunting, work and school, Steven Pitter is 17 years old and a junior at the local high school. –I have bad grades so I was held back one year. Thats why I’m still a junior. I would really like to be a senior so I could get done and start working, he says. Stevens mom is worried his son might drop out of school. – He thinks school is unnecessary for him. That he can find work without it. Im trying to convince him that he needs to get in to college to get a good job, she says. – Hunting is all I really would like to do. Every weekend this fall I’ve been driving down south to sit in a duck blind for two days. I sleep in my truck during the nights. When I am there I think about life and what I would like to do with it, then I drive back to Los Molinos and go to school on Monday morning again, Seven says. 
After graduating from High School Steven Joined the United states Marine corps.
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